Tiziano Bellu

music composer / sound designer


Hi! I'm Tiziano Bellu and I'm an Italian music producer and sound designer from Rome.I mainly produce orchestral and ambient soundtracks for games, animations and trailers, however, I have a knowledgeable in genres such as rock, metal, electronic, jazz and many more as video game music can be diverse with styles.I started making music 8 years ago by doing some covers and personal projects, after some time I started working for some indie games and other several commissions for clients.Currently I am studying a Bachelors of Sound Design and Music Studies at the IED European Institute of Design of Rome.You can check my works on Spotify and YouTube.
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・ You send me an email of your inquiry and we discuss the details if there are any (if you have a specific deadline, please let me know. Otherwise, the length is within a month minimum)・ I will send you a demo of the song idea. If you approve, I’ll send you an invoice, you’ll pay me, and I’ll work on finishing the song. If you disapprove, I take the song back to the cutting board until I get it just right. (if a different process suits you, we may discuss it together)・ I will send you the finished copy and that's it! (Unless there is an extra process with contracts involved)・ Feel free to provide as much detail about the type of song you want (or detail about the project you're using it for if there is one). It definitely helps give me a better idea of what you're going for


・ Payment is to be made through PayPal in EURI reserve the right to decline projects for whatever reason. This may include not meeting any conditions, current unavailability, inability to complete projects, or other relevant reasons・ My services will not be fully refundable once I’ve started. Upon the drafting process of a project, I can offer a 50% refund. Past the draft process, the transaction will be non-refundable・ If you would like to ensure a shorter deadline, extra fees may be incurred3 big revisions will be available before more fees are incurred・ Since I also work on other projects, if I do not receive any updates from you for more than 3 months, I will consider your commission completed (regardless of status)

**I look forward to hearing from you! (o゜▽゜)o☆ **








Want to hire me to compose a song or soundtrack?
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🔺 LumenTale: Memories of Trey 🔻
(Music Production- Sound Design - Audio Implementation)

❇️ Xenoverse Per Aspera Ad Astra ❇️
(Music Production- Sound Design - Audio Implementation)

🚲 Donarush 🛴
(Music Production- Sound Design - Audio Implementation)